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8 04 2008
Chili Dog Carmickle

Chili Dog Carmickle

ChiliQuiltes: n. small business devoted to web and blog consulting to fiber artists, quilt shops, longarm quilters; an edge to edge quilting service in the San Antonio area, professional embroidery monogramming, as well as providing a quilting sample service to local quilt shops. Business owner is an educator, librarian, instructional technologist, webmaster, quilter and furkid mom.

I have been asked how I decided on the name of my business.  As a resident of San Antonio, Texas, I have the opportunity to have the absolute BEST MEXICAN food in the world! My husband and I love to have breakfast at a Mexican restaurant and one of our favorite dishes is chiliquiles (it is delicious…a wonderful combination of tortillas and eggs and sauces). Sooo…I decided to play on that name and change the ending to “quiltes”. I also wanted to have the name of my sweet poodle, Chili, in the business. She passed away on June 9, 2008; I always want her to be a part of my business as she was always at my side acting as “my assistant” on all of my quilts.




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19 10 2009
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