What Does It All Mean? Quilting Options Explained

5 10 2008

I have had some inquiries regarding my pricing page and thought this might be a good opportunity to explain exactly what longarmers are talking about when they describe the various options for quilting your quilt.

Edge to Edge, All Over, E2E: This option means that a motif is spread the entire length and width of your quilt. There is only one design (it can be produced freehand, by computer, pantograph) and there is no separation between the borders, sashing or blocks in the type of design that is used on the quilt. This is usually the least expensive of the options.

Custom: This option means that the quilter will create a design in each block, the sashing, the borders. It is “customized” to fit the theme of the quilt or the desires of the piecer. Custom quilting is more expensive because of the increased time it requires to quilt the designs in each block as well as the other portions of the quilt.

Heirloom: This option is the most expensive and is what you might see in competition quilts. The quilting is very intricate and time consuming.

If your quilt is going to be “loved” and washed a great deal or has very busy fabrics, you may want to opt for the E2E option.  Think about how your quilt will be used before you make your decision and share your thoughts with the longarmer who will be doing your quilting.




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