What Determines Pricing for Quilting Services?

8 10 2008

I recieved a comment a few days ago and thought this would be a great topic for today’s post.  The comment indicated that my pricing seemed low…I am not sure to whom my prices were compared.

I live in South Texas and we are blessed in that yes, we have been hit by the tough economic conditions, but I believe that our cost of living (housing, food, gasoline, etc) still seems lower in comparison to other places in the United State (I am judging this by where my siblings live, and I know they pay more for goods and services than we do).  When I was setting my prices, I started looking at the prices of longarmers and embroidery services in my area, and mine are comparable; really not more or less.

That being said, I think anyone who is considering a longarming or embroidery business needs to carefully look at the pricing of their competitors and set their prices accordingly. This advice was given to me when I started two years ago and my business is slowly increasing.  I believe that my customers are getting a high quality of quilting and embroidery services that fits with the economy in which they live. Thankfully, I am able to buy quality threads and batting economically so that I can pass that saving along to my clients. The same is true for my embroidery business…I look for the best prices for the best quality embroidery threads, stabilizers, and blanks with the intention of giving a good price AND a great product.




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