Another Word On Luggage Tags

27 10 2008

I received a nice comment this week about the luggage tags as gift ideas for the holidays, small shower gifts (wedding), graduations, etc. I wanted to give you an update on the colors of luggage tags that I will be receiving in my shipment. The tags are not only available in black, (see posting for 10/07/08), but also red, orange, lime green, hot pink, aqua, and yellow.

The other cute gift idea that I will be receiving this week are koozies. The ones that I have ordered are black with pink dots, black with lime green dots and camouflage.

All of these items can be mongrammed with initials or with cute phrases. Again, both items would provide a great and inexpensive gift for any occasion.




2 responses

29 10 2008

I can not wait to see the koozies you put up! They sound adorable!

6 08 2009
Name Tags

Looking forward to some pics of these luggage tags. From your posts they sound pretty neat. I love any sort of tag that makes my luggage more identifiable.

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