Taking Your Quilt to A Longarmer

20 11 2008

Over the past few days I have had three clients bring me their quilts for quilting. It has been so much fun to visit with these quilters because we had a chance to really brainstorm not only about their budget for the services but also the vision that they have for their quilts. One of the things that I have started doing, along with trying to have samples to help with their decisions, is having preview paper and a plexiglass sheet so that I can actually draw out the design and place it across the quilt. What a difference this has made when it comes to visualizing what design might be the most appropriate both in aesthetics and in size/scale! Another step that I like to take is having the client look at the possible threads and then laying them across the quilt in a meadering line. Seeing how the thread looks across the body of the quilt is a great way to make a decision.

Of course, there are some clients who want me to make the final decisions or simply say, “it’s up to you” and I love that they trust me to do that for them. However, it is really fun to work through the quilt with a client and have them “see” how their ideas might look when brought to fruition. That being said, the next time you meet with a longarmer, you might enjoy going through the process that I just described;it is a very creative exercise.




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