My “Studio”

5 12 2008

I had a question recently regarding my workspace for my quilting and embroidery business.  My husband and I downsized to a townhome in preparation for being semi-retired (I still maintain a part-time position as a school librarian two days a week and my husband is teaching in a community college).  Our town house has an area that, in most cases, would be used as an upstairs living room but this has turned out to be the perfect place for my quiltilng frame and embroidery machine. The lighting is excellent and we had extra “pot” lights added to give even more lighting. My 12′ frame is a little tight 🙂 but I have arranged it so that I can still get behind the frame for executing pantos.  I have all of my storage underneath the frame so that helps to keep “stuff” under control. I currently have furniture to handle the overflow of books, patterns and thread but one of my Christmas presents for this year will be overhead cabinets and a cutting surface that will be portable. I really want more floor space, so this will help that dilema. I have included some photos…I am currently working on another quilt to fill that blank space above my frame; I hate not having a quilt that I can look at all the time !




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