Back in the Saddle Again!

1 03 2009

Well, after several weeks of battling flu and sinus infections, I am finally back in full swing. I finished a custom quilt (which is pictured today with this post), sold my HQ system to a lovely lady in Las Vegas and received my new system, an APQS Green Liberty on Friday. BTW, the nice folks who setup my APQS are in Austin, Over the Top Quilting, so you may want to check them out if you are in the Austin area. Susan Rubino and her sister own this company and I know that you would enjoy meeting them.

For the next few weeks I will be learning the ins and outs of the APQS. I need to get up to speed since I have quilts that are waiting to be quilted! Thankfully, the frames are similar and loading them is very much the same…I just want to get the feel of the machine and what thread she likes. BTW, her name is Kermita (the female equivalent of Kermit the Frog) since she is a Green machine. A green machine in the APQS line is a refurbished machine. I think she is beautiful 🙂

I will be receiving tons of new motifs for my embroidery soon, and, if copyright permits, I will post some of the new designs. I am really excited about them. I also started monograming flannel pajama bottoms…they are so cute!

It’s good to be back and I hope to have a new recipe up for you this week, so check back frequently.




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2 03 2009
Susan Rubino

Marion, we are thrilled that you are loving your new Green Liberty and are up and running again! Thanks for the mention of our business, Over The Top Quilting Studio! See you later in March for your free APQS class.

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