The Wednesday Afternoon Quilt Club

2 03 2009

Last Wednesday, Feb. 25, was the first official meeting of the Wednesday Afternoon Quilt Club. The establishment of this club was to reach a very specific goal. You see, our dear friend, Karen has been diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. After 8 months of trying to find the reason for pain in her back, she reached a point where she was hospitalized and the reason was finally ascertained. Karen was in the hospital for a month; she began her chemo and is on 3 weeks and off 1. I explain this because when I asked Karen if there was something that she would like for me to do, she expressed wanting help to create a baby quilt for the grandbaby that is due in June.  She had bought the fabric in December; a baby shower is in April so our mission is to get it pieced and quilted before that time.

My friend, Ricki (who is an ovarian cancer survivor) and I made our way to Karen’s house. I brought newly baked cinnamon bread. Karen greeted us with a smile and a pretty turban. Our first order of business: In south Tx it gets warm so if you don’t want to wear a turban, you don’t have to…bald is, indeed, beautiful. That being done we moved on to adding an additional fat quarter from Karen’s stash and the cutting began. We could only stay an hour…Karen is still pretty weak from her hospital stay, but we laughed and touched the fabric, and generally had a fabulous time. Before we left, we made sure that Karen had some of the bread along with her meds and prayed together. What a beautiful time among friends!

I will be sharing the notes from the Wed. Afternoon Quilt Club for a couple of reasons. First, truly, women ministering to other women is a powerful thing…I want to be sure that you don’t miss out on that opportunity if it arises for you. Secondly, quilting is great therapy…we know that but I don’t know if anyone who is not a quilter, knitter, crocheter, or weaver or fabric artist would know the feeling. There is something about touching the fabric (or thread or yarn) and seeing the colors that is soothing and enriching to the creative spirit and balm to those who want a break from the usual “stuff” that makes up life.

If you are a spiritual person, please remember Karen in your prayers; she wants to be in good shape for the new grandbaby and we have to finish that quilt!




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