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10 09 2009

I believe that I am always thankful for my family and friends, but sometimes I wonder if I have not been thankful enough for the simple blessings of getting up every morning and being alive and well. That might have been true in the past, but I got a giant reality check a few days ago and I hope my story will explain my lack of posts recently and be helpful to you.

I was on my way home from my part time job when my purse fell down around my feet and my phone was dislodged. In my stupid attempt to untangle myself and retrieve my phone (I was not smart enough to try to stop by the side of the road or get over to a side street), I veered from the road path, over a center median with a huge boulder that sent me airborne. I could feel the car starting to roll over and then, just like the scene in The Wizard Of Oz, when Dorothy’s house plunks down in Munchkin Land, it righted itself and landed with 3 flat tires and the underbelly of the car destroyed. Amazingly, I was not hurt; God had my guardian angel on duty and I didn’t have a scratch or bruise. The miracle of this was brought home to me by the insurance adjuster who kept asking my husband if I was hurt…my car was totalled and, according to the adjuster, 6 ” would have made the difference in the final scenario, which wouldn’t have been a happy ending.

So what is my take on this experience? First, I am thankful that the God took care of me and I am alive and well. Secondly, DON’T LET ANYTHING DISTRACT YOU FROM THE ROAD!!!! I have driven the same stretch of road forever, but in the few seconds I was distracted I ended up wrecking my car and coming close to wrecking myself! I have seen the recent pieces on the national news about how cell phone usuage, eating while driving, etc can increase the chances for accidents and now I am a true believer. Please keep all your “stuff” away from your feet and your phone put away; I was blessed and now I keep my purse, phone, and anything that could be a distraction in the back seat.

I believe that everything that happens has a purpose, so perhaps this experience will help you think about the little things that can distract you during a drive…changing stations on your radio or iPod, phone calls, eating, shaving or putting on makeup while on your commute (yes, I have seen this as well as people eating their cereal while on a major highway). I didn’t hurt anybody or myself with my stupidity, but I was VERY blessed.  Please be careful!

It has taken several days to get through the process of officially totalling my car, getting another vehicle, etc, but, thankfully, that seems to be completed and I am ready to get back to the business at hand. Next week I will be teaching in Tacoma, WA at the Innovations Quilt Conference, and then I will be back to work in my little studio to finish several quilts and some embroidery “




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12 09 2009

Marion, I am so glad to hear that you are not injured. And thanks for the advice. We all need to be reminded of the dangers of distraction.

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