Viewing Mt.Rainier

16 09 2009

Greetings from Tacoma, WA! I am sitting in my hotel room with the most incredible view of Mt. Rainier that you could ever imagine. It is a beautiful sunny day here and I can also look over to an area with several slips and lovely sailboats. I love this part of the world…it is so beautiful.

I am a VERY fearful flyer…I had a bad experience over 20 years ago and I have never allowed myself to forget it.  With some of the recent events (the Hudson River splash down that saved lives after birds flew into the engines, blown fuselages, etc), I was more fearful than ever…almost to the point that I thought I couldn’t come to this event. Luckily, I have great friends who are supportive and a wonderful husband…they have “prayed” me through letting me know that I was in their thoughts and prayers throughout the day today as I flew from SA to Seattle.  The first leg of the flight was tough on me, but I have to say, as the day went on, I was more peaceful and was even able to relax a little bit on the 3 hr flight and listen to my iPod…this in itself is a miracle. My Point: Don’t underestimate the power of prayer…knowing that I was in people’s thoughts and prayers was very comforting.  Since I will be teaching again in April in Providence, RI, I have to have a victory over this tremendous fear and I think, thanks to God and my friends praying, I am well on my way.

Tomorrow I am taking a TON of classes and will report on what I learn later in the day. Thursday and Friday, I will be teaching my blogging classes and as well as taking classes for my own self edification.  Stay tuned…anything that I think is helpful, I will pass along.  I will also introduce my students to you…I had two really great classes last year and know they will be great this year, too.

Well, it is time for my teacher’s meeting so I will sign off for now. More tomorrw…




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