Innovations Day 1

17 09 2009

Today was certainly a day for information overload, but in a GREAT way. This was my day to take classes all day and see how much I could learn and, in turn, provide new possibilities to my clients. The teachers that I had today were excellent: Sue Patten, an award winning quilt artist, Grace Anderson, an experienced quilter who shared her designs in a class called Echo Explosions, a class on quilting pantographs and, for the grand finale, a maintenance class for my APQS machine.

Taking classes always makes me rethink how I am doing things and reignites my imagination to other ways to approach machine quilting. I am hopeful that the new design techniques that I have learned today will be as exciting to you as they are to me and will add a new dimension to the quilting experience.

Tomorrow I will be teaching my first class and then have the opportunity to take additional classes for myself.  I am also having the opportunity to meet people from our APQS forum as well as friends that I made last year during Innovations. All in all, this is going to be a jam packed week not only for teaching but for learning.




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