Quilting Weather!

24 09 2009

After 59 straight days of 100+ degree weather, fall has finally come to San Antonio, Texas! We are having rain, which is liquid gold for us and the day’s high is to be 69 degrees. This virtually unheard of in September; are we in for a frigid winter in south Texas?

The great thing about cooler weather, for me at least, is that it is so much fun to be up in my studio quilting.  I have huge windows in my loft and it is “snuggly” to see the rain and the hear the hum of my machine as I move along the frame.  Don’t get me wrong…too much rain is not good for us south Texas residents as our soil doesn’t hold on to too much and then we have flooding BUT some rain is WONDERFUL and gives me a great excuse not to do any yard work!

I am still finding homes in my studio for my purchases at Innovations. I bought more Bottom Line BOBS, which I love as well as some Lava, both by Superior. I have used alot of King Tut but this will be my first experience with Lava; I think it will be lovely on a quilt that I am going to do for a customer that will be edge to edge (I have a king size quilt that I am still working on right now…I am almost ready to turn the quilt and do the last borders, so I am excited!)

I still work part time as a school librarian and our school is feeling the influx of the swine flu. I had a parent tell me this week that both of her children have had the flu, they were swobbed and the test was positive for H1N1, but the doctor did not send the samples on to the CDC…he believes any flu that is seen right now is the H1N1…interesting commentary. I hope all the kiddoes do okay and are well soon!




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