Diverted by the Compressor

5 10 2009

Well, I had great hopes to finish the elusive king size quilt this weekend but, unfortunately, our air conditioner had other plans for me. The compressor passed on into AC heaven and, alas, took my well laid plans with it. Before I succumbed to the heat, I did get to finish the first two side borders, so, if we get the compressor today, I might be able to finish everything by the middle of the week. I share this simply because sometimes what we hope will be a deadline just doesn’t happen…certainly not because of laziness or lack of interest but because of physical restraints not under any human control.

Meanwhile, I am living like a character in Little House on Prairie…we are using a borrowed portable air conditioner (thank you, Lord!) and basically are living in the living area/kitchen of our townhouse. Our labradoodles are loving the close community…(they would love for us to be in their kennels with them I am certain), but sleeping on couches and chairs isn’t a particularly great way to prepare for an upcoming day of work. Nevertheless, in the humidity and heat, a little AC is better than NO AC!




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