Back in the Saddle, Yet Again!

7 10 2009

Well, the AC is fixed and the quilt has been turned FOR THE LAST TIME!!!I am so excited that I will be able to finish the king size quilt before the weekend and deliver it to the customer! Because each of the 500 smaller blocks had to be stitched in the ditch and then 1/4 inch stitched within the blocks (and some of the blocks had two rows of 1/4 inch stitching), this quilt took quite awhile to complete. However, the simpler quilting really made the embroidery blocks pop so it was worth the time and effort. The quilt has a folk feel to it and heavy quilting would not have been the way to go, although it might have been a little faster!

I think it is very important to look at the quilt and truly ask the client what is the “feel” they want for the quilt? Will it be for a show, a gift or for their own personal enjoyment? The answers to these questions certainly help the longarmer determine what would be the best route to go with the actual quilting that will take place. If a quilt is very busy (lots of fabric changes, etc), custom quilting would not be appropriate…an edge to edge design to give the quilt texture would be the best “recipe” for that type of quilt.




One response

8 10 2009

Marion, might you be able to post a photo of this quilt? It sure sounds lovely.

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