Necks2Nothing Bandanas Pictures

28 09 2010

Greetings from Ruidoso, NM! It is a beautiful fall day and I am working on gathering fabrics for the bandanas. I have posted pictures of two. They are really happy and fun to make. Thd cost will depend on XS, SM, MED or L but they will be very inexpensive. I will post cost later in the week.

Halloween Bandana with Monogram and Girly Girl Bandana


Back to San Antonio,Thanks, and Necks2Nothing Bandanas

22 09 2010

What a great time at 2010 Innovations! I had the absolute best students in all three classes (y’all were awesome), there were alot laughs and many great comments. I hope I will hear more from my students as they continue through the year…I love hearing about your successes.

I am working on my Necks2Nothing Bandanas for dogs…I am going to have them for all the holidays, as well as mongramming/personalizing them for the special pooch in your lives.

The plane tickets are  purchased for Houston Quilt Market…I can’t believe that it will soon be the end of October and I will be teaching my business blogging class again…maybe some of you will be there and I can meet you or you will register for my class.

A lovely Quilt of Valor came my way this week so that will have my attention for the next several days. I know I have mentioned this awesome organization before, but if you think you might want to learn more and become a part, you won’t be disappointed in donating your time and talents.

Innovations 2010

17 09 2010

I am writing from Tacoma, WA tonight after two days at Innovations. First, I had two awesome classes given by Deloa Jones on Wed…OMG… one was on using stencils and the other was various ways to quilt sampler blocks…both were very informative and helpful to me professionally.

I taught a class called Getting Out of the Fetal Position: An Anti-Anxiety Guide for True Beginning Machine Quilters. I LOVED the people in my class…they were so nice and just really cute and fun. What a pleasure to get to meet them!

I also had the pleasure of viewing the quilts in the show. Again, OMG! so much talent and so many beautiful works of art.

I bought 3 new rulers, 2 books, thread and tomorrow I think I will buy a new no pin system for attaching my quilts…so much fun to see new things!

Tomorrow I will be teaching a business blogging class and a YouTube class…I am looking forward to meeting more new people and having fun. It is hard to believe I will be heading home to Texas at 6:15AM on Saturday…what was I thinking!?

A Great Technique

9 09 2010

I recently had the pleasure of getting to use a technique devised by  Bonnie Botts of Elizaville, NY. Who hasn’t had a quilt that had issues such as a wavy border, bubbling in the middle or just won’t lie flat? You may want to check out Bonnie’s wonderful CD that shows her techniques for success in detail. You can order it from her at P.O. Box 98, Elizaville, NY 12523. The cost is $17.50 and includes shipping and handling. I will be uploading some before and after pictures later today of my own experience.

Innovations and Quilt Market (Houston)

5 09 2010

Well, it is almost time for Innovations Machine Quilting conference and I am really excited about heading to Tacoma. If any of you live on the west coast, you might really want to consider attending. It is a fun conference and they have outstanding teachers (including me, LOL!) Seriously, I am teaching three classes so check out the classes online and come visit me on Thursday, September 16 or 17.

Another exciting event on my calendar is attending and teaching at the Houston Quilt Market at the end of October. I will be teaching a business blogging class so if any of you are looking for a FREE way to market/promote your business, consider registering for the class. I will be teaching on the Friday of quilt market in the morning, so you would still have plenty of time to see everything!

A Surprise

5 09 2010

I got a really nice surprise in my email…a note from a quilter for whom I had quilted. I will quote it simply because it made me feel so good…you know you don’t get many times when someone gives a compliment, so I am really blessed. My quilting friend sent me a digital photo of the label she had prepared for the quilt and she put my name on it, too! What a treat and great way to be remembered!