Back to San Antonio,Thanks, and Necks2Nothing Bandanas

22 09 2010

What a great time at 2010 Innovations! I had the absolute best students in all three classes (y’all were awesome), there were alot laughs and many great comments. I hope I will hear more from my students as they continue through the year…I love hearing about your successes.

I am working on my Necks2Nothing Bandanas for dogs…I am going to have them for all the holidays, as well as mongramming/personalizing them for the special pooch in your lives.

The plane tickets are  purchased for Houston Quilt Market…I can’t believe that it will soon be the end of October and I will be teaching my business blogging class again…maybe some of you will be there and I can meet you or you will register for my class.

A lovely Quilt of Valor came my way this week so that will have my attention for the next several days. I know I have mentioned this awesome organization before, but if you think you might want to learn more and become a part, you won’t be disappointed in donating your time and talents.




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