Seeing the Light at the End of the Tunnel

29 11 2010

Well, I have been the world’s worst blogger lately and, for that, I apologize. I had tons of orders and with a holiday trip looming in my immediate future, I have had my proverbial nose to the grindstone! Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed to have orders and I am not complaining about that, I just hate not being able to keep up todate with my blogging.

What has been pretty exciting is the increase in my little embroidery business…I have sold a ton of “bag tags”, theme pouches, and just general monogramming. Christmas presents are my bonanza…I try to have lots of examples of gifts that can be great stocking stuffers.  I have also been doing baby quilts…it is so sweet to see grandmothers making quilts for their new grandbabies and fun for me to see the pictures of the babies and here there stories. I have a great job!

I do hope all of you had an exceptional Thanksgiving and, as the holidays approach that your businesses are booming and you are blessed. I hope to be a better blogger these next few weeks!


Keeping Busy

11 11 2010

Last week was my first craftshow…I had been a craft show virgin until this one so it was very interesting to me. I sold several of my Next2Nothing pet bandanas and also took many special orders, so it was a fun experience.

I am now working on my infant and child monogrammed items. I am doing birth announcements, bibs, diaper and backpack bag tags, baby bottle leashes, paci and paci wipes monogrammed bags…too much fun!

I also have quilts to do, so again, thanks be to God, I am not bored! I have to get everything finished in early December as we will be traveling to Florida to do Very Mickey Christmas at DisneyWorld and then on to the Keys.

Too Busy!

5 11 2010

Wow, things have been incredibly busy since I returned to San Antonio…I have been making pet bandanas and puppy purses like a maniac since the craft show is tomorrow. I have also been hard at work on quilting a quilt and today I subbed at our church’s parochial school. I have been lax on my blogging and hope to get back up to speed after tomorrow.  The pictures from Houston need to be uploaded, too…I would really like for all of you to see them.

If you have been in one of my classes, I would love to have updates on what you are doing…please send me your blog addresses so I can subscribe to your site.

Well, back to work…more on Sunday or, if I am still vertical, on Saturday!