23 02 2011

So much has happened since my last post! Prior to the Christmas holidays I had so many orders for dog bandanas, bag tags, and mini bags that I was VERY busy. We left for the holidays and spent time at Disney World (Very Mickey Christmas…too much fun), visiting with friends and family in Tampa and Ft. Myers, a Key West adventure, and then back to the Texas Hill Country for New Year’s Eve. Immediately after the holidays, my husband had hip replacement surgery and life as I knew changed pretty dramatically. My husband is now finally starting to show some marked improvement (he had some set backs although he was in excellent shape prior to surgery) so God is good and now I am getting back to work.

Last week, I had the pleasure of doing a baby quilt for a customer and she has brought me another quilt to do for her which is also a great pleasure. I also received a nice order for dog bandanas from our awesome breeder, Sharon Beck (luvadoodle.com) and as an added bonus, I was able to sell all of my embroidered lollipop covers for Valentine’s Day. Again, God is good!

I have been working on my first ever personal art quilt which has turned out to be a total pleasure and tomorrow evening I get to teach my business blogging class through local community education. Also, additional big news: My proprosal to teach at Quilting With Machines has been accepted, and, God Willing, I will teach my classes in Huron, Ohio during the dates of Oct. 5-8.




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