Friday Longarm Quilting Tip #2:Squaring The Backing

24 02 2012

This week’s tip is dealing with squaring the backing of the quilt. We all know about squaring the quilt top and how important it is but how do you do the back. You MUST have the top straight as that is how you will attach the backing and if it isn’t straight as it pulls inward you will end up with pleats and a general mess.
If you find that the back has to be pieced, square the two pieces and then sew the seam horizontally. This will give you a great way to see if you are keeping the back straight as you load it as well as keeping the seam tight (iron the seam flat open, by the way). Next fold the back in half and lay it over one of your frame bars lengthwise…be sure the the fold is in the middle and check to see if it lays flat when the edges are together. If they don’t match up, use your rotary cutter, ruler and mat to make the edges even. Now fold the backing along the width of the piece. Follow the same procedure. This should square the backing so that you will be ready to load it.




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