2 10 2011

Woot! Lots of changes since my last postings. My focus has moved more toward teaching quilting and providing embroidery than providing quilting services. I fell into this somewhat by happenstance and out is turning out to be a good thing. I made a baby binkie blanket (monogrammed) as a gift amd as others saw it, I began getting orders. My doggie bandanas led to opportunities with a local pet supply and doing monogrammed studio chairs for a need club as well as monogrammed shirts. I got referrals to teach quilting and now am doing some individual as well as group classes. Bottom line: I am thankful for business and easy to get back to my blog. Above and below are pictures of what I have been doing. I am blessed!

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Necks2Nothing Bandanas Pictures

28 09 2010

Greetings from Ruidoso, NM! It is a beautiful fall day and I am working on gathering fabrics for the bandanas. I have posted pictures of two. They are really happy and fun to make. Thd cost will depend on XS, SM, MED or L but they will be very inexpensive. I will post cost later in the week.

Halloween Bandana with Monogram and Girly Girl Bandana