Houston International Quilt Festival

26 10 2008

"Ma, How Come She Gets All the Attention" by Helen Remick, Seattle, WA

The Houston International Quilt Festival begins on Wednesday. Many people are already attending the market that takes place prior to the show. Because of prior commitments, I am not going until Wednesday, but I wanted to give you the links to their site. I have downloaded the vendors and found that it took 12 pages!

I plan to take pictures of the event so that I can share it with you. It is truly sensory overload to see the hundreds of vendor booths PLUS the fantastic quilts that are on display. Each year, even without attending formal classes, I learn so much from the demonstrations and, in some cases, meeting the winning quiltmakers. If you haven’t been, put it on your “must do list” for the future. It is well worth it! By the way, today’s photo is from the online gallery for the event located at http://www.quilts.com/home/galleryViewer.php?txtfile=/gallery/lbqf08-1/onlineGallery¬†The name of this quilt is “Ma How Come She Gets All the Attention”. It is by Helen Remick of Settle and is hand and machine pieced, machine quilted.