2 10 2011

Woot! Lots of changes since my last postings. My focus has moved more toward teaching quilting and providing embroidery than providing quilting services. I fell into this somewhat by happenstance and out is turning out to be a good thing. I made a baby binkie blanket (monogrammed) as a gift amd as others saw it, I began getting orders. My doggie bandanas led to opportunities with a local pet supply and doing monogrammed studio chairs for a need club as well as monogrammed shirts. I got referrals to teach quilting and now am doing some individual as well as group classes. Bottom line: I am thankful for business and easy to get back to my blog. Above and below are pictures of what I have been doing. I am blessed!

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New Products Coming for Embroidery

15 12 2008

I wanted to give you a quick update on a new product that I am going to add to our embroidery line.

I have found the cutest slippers that would be
a great inexpensive gift anytime of the year.
Stay tuned for a picture and availability.

Luggage Tags and Koozies Arrive!

9 11 2008

First, a quick hello to Leann and Robyn, the new friends that I made at the Houston Quilt Festival. I will be checking in with you in the near future. I thoroughly  enjoyed hearing not only about life in Australia, but also life in North Texas!Thanks for your comments on an earlier post.

My blank luggage tags and koozies have arrived and I had to share them with you. I LOVE the colors of the luggage tags and I think that those who receive them will find that they will be a big help when they are trying to identify their bags at the airport!Even the black tags will stand out with bright monogramming; I think anyone would be happy to receive one, regardless of their age or gender.

The koozies are also VERY cute and the camouflage variety will be a big hit with a “hard to buy for” guy on your Christmas list.  Dots are still a fashion item, so I think the lime dots and pink dots would be happily received by anyone on a Christmas list as well.

I hope to add some pet products to our product line, too. I am currently investigating leashes and collars as well as bandannas for your favorite canine or feline.

If it sounds like I am having way too much fun finding this item, I have to admit that I am enjoying it! The best part is that I believe that folks who will receive them will enjoy them, too.

Another Word On Luggage Tags

27 10 2008

I received a nice comment this week about the luggage tags as gift ideas for the holidays, small shower gifts (wedding), graduations, etc. I wanted to give you an update on the colors of luggage tags that I will be receiving in my shipment. The tags are not only available in black, (see posting for 10/07/08), but also red, orange, lime green, hot pink, aqua, and yellow.

The other cute gift idea that I will be receiving this week are koozies. The ones that I have ordered are black with pink dots, black with lime green dots and camouflage.

All of these items can be mongrammed with initials or with cute phrases. Again, both items would provide a great and inexpensive gift for any occasion.