Chemo Quilts

2 03 2010

You may remember a post that I made a few months ago entitled, “Wednesday Afternoon Quilt Club”. I shared how much I had enjoyed cutting out fabric with my dear friend, Karen, who was battling cancer and undergoing very hard core chemotherapy. My sweet friend lost her battle with cancer last week; I was blessed to be able to visit her in hospice to tell her goodbye and thank her for her friendship.

Her family did not want flowers for the funeral but, instead, asked that we make donations to our favorite charities.  Today I received an email about a chemo quilt pdf that is available for free from Machine Quilting Unlimited  . It is the exact dimensions to fit in the chair used for chemo; the designer’s quilting group is making several for treatment centers and is allowing this free download. 

I think all of us know someone that has been touched by cancer, so I wanted to pass along this information. My plan is to make  quilts and donate them to the treatment center where Karen had her treatments and do so in honor of her.  Since she was a quilter, I think she would approve. Perhaps you may want to do the same in honor of someone you have cared about who has battled cancer.


ToriQue Pattern from Creative Sewlutions

16 11 2008
Creative Sewlutions ToriQue Pattern

Creative Sewlutions ToriQue Pattern

I enjoy piecing quilts as much as I LOVE quilting them, so one of my “other” jobs is putting goether samples for a darling quilt shop in New Braunfels, Texas, The Quilt Haus. Their pattern business name is Creative Sewlutions and one of their newest patterns is one that I think you might really enjoy. It is perfect for that focus fabric that you would hate to cut up into small pieces; it is built on large pieces that give the illusion of being pieced. I am including a photo of the pattern in this post and will soon  post a picture of the completed quilt. I think you will REALLY like it. It is fast, easy and looks like you spent hours and hours at the sewing machine putting it together :).