Miss Riley Begins Her Journey

8 03 2011


Riley Girl:Will She Be a Therapy Dog?

Although it might not seem related, I decided that I wanted to post this…it is a big deal to me and I am praying about it as we begin this journey.

In my earlier posts, I have discussed Quilts of Valor, an organization which gives quilts to returning military…I do longarm quilting for someone in the TX area who has pieced a quilt. With my association with this group, I began to realize that I would like to do more. SOOOOO….

My precious girl labradoodle, Riley, began a journey with me on Sunday…she and I took our first class toward trying to become a certifed therapy dog team. I don’t know where this journey will take us or if this is a journey that God wants us to take…I only know that we have to try:) Please keep us in your prayers over the next several weeks…we will be taking two tests and we must pass both successfully to become part of the organization. Training is first and I am hoping that all will go well…I think my Riley is awesome but she may not be a therapy dog so that will have to be determined.


Back to San Antonio,Thanks, and Necks2Nothing Bandanas

22 09 2010

What a great time at 2010 Innovations! I had the absolute best students in all three classes (y’all were awesome), there were alot laughs and many great comments. I hope I will hear more from my students as they continue through the year…I love hearing about your successes.

I am working on my Necks2Nothing Bandanas for dogs…I am going to have them for all the holidays, as well as mongramming/personalizing them for the special pooch in your lives.

The plane tickets are  purchased for Houston Quilt Market…I can’t believe that it will soon be the end of October and I will be teaching my business blogging class again…maybe some of you will be there and I can meet you or you will register for my class.

A lovely Quilt of Valor came my way this week so that will have my attention for the next several days. I know I have mentioned this awesome organization before, but if you think you might want to learn more and become a part, you won’t be disappointed in donating your time and talents.

Quilts of Valor

25 03 2009

My local guild has been making quilts for wounded military personnel at BAMC (Brooke Army Medical Center) but this quilt is my first Quilt of Valor. I have to say that I was filled with trepidation; I have done many customer quilts and I take my craft very seriously…I want every customer to be happy with the quilts that I complete for them but this is different. I want it to be special because of the special sacrifice that the person made who will receive it.

The lady who pieced this quilt, Andy of  TX, did a fabulous job; the batiks that she used in the flying geese were lovely and the piecing was perfection. What a treat to get to quilt this quilt!

I am posting pictures today. I hope that you will consider becoming a part of this project. There is a huge need for quilters and piecers as there is a new project to produce quilts for a group of Marines returning to the U.S.  I know you will find it very rewarding.