Miss Riley Begins Her Journey

8 03 2011


Riley Girl:Will She Be a Therapy Dog?

Although it might not seem related, I decided that I wanted to post this…it is a big deal to me and I am praying about it as we begin this journey.

In my earlier posts, I have discussed Quilts of Valor, an organization which gives quilts to returning military…I do longarm quilting for someone in the TX area who has pieced a quilt. With my association with this group, I began to realize that I would like to do more. SOOOOO….

My precious girl labradoodle, Riley, began a journey with me on Sunday…she and I took our first class toward trying to become a certifed therapy dog team. I don’t know where this journey will take us or if this is a journey that God wants us to take…I only know that we have to try:) Please keep us in your prayers over the next several weeks…we will be taking two tests and we must pass both successfully to become part of the organization. Training is first and I am hoping that all will go well…I think my Riley is awesome but she may not be a therapy dog so that will have to be determined.


Latest Teaching Opportunities & Labels

2 03 2011

I am really excited! I have recently received contracts to teach at the 2011 Houston International Quilt Market and Quilting with Machines, 2011. I will be teaching business blogging at the Houston Venue on Oct. 31 and I don’t have exact dates for the other venue but know it will be between Oct 5-8 and will be teaching business blogging and beginning longarm quilting. Yippee Skippee!

I tried a different type of label for a customer two weeks ago and as she REALLY liked it and showed it to several people, I thought I would share it with you. The quilt was for an infant (boy) and had wonderful brightly colored kitties in several of the blocks. The backing was also brightly colored kitties. I found I had a cute CD of embroidery motifs of adorable line art style kittens, so I incorporated one of those (in the color scheme of the backing) with the inscription for the label. The finished product is very cute and added an additional element to the quilt. The picture of the label is below.

If you are in the market for holiday bandanas for your dog or cat, check out my newest styles on my Necks2Nothing blog  at mcarmickle.tumblr.com

 Quilt Label

…they are pretty cool 🙂