Easter and Embroidery and Bandanas, Oh My!

5 04 2011

Art Quilt Designed by Marion

I wanted to share with you some of my latest embroidery, Easter creations ,a sneak peek at my latest dog bandana designs (I will be putting the doggie “stuff “ on my Necks2Nothing site later today) and,as you can see above, an art quilt that I designed (my first attempt !).

First, the Easter cuties that I am selling. The lacey items can be used for placecards with plastic eggs, hold chocolate eggs or the “real thing”. They also could be used for napkin rings on your holiday table. The pencil toppers are just fun…the little guys or girls in your family will have putting them on their pencils as they do homework or draw.Finally, the Easter Bunny and Chick can hold a chocolate bar, gift cards, or any type of small bagged candies (there is a pocket on the back). Cute, right?! I am also able to do a monogrammed candy holder with any letter, a graduation candy holder with the year of graduation and a thankyou candy holder. These would make great little gifts with the candy bars OR with a gift card for graduation, Mother’s Day or as a thank you for any occasion. Oh, and I almost forgot…I made 2 more custom labels for my customers and wanted to share those with you, too…I love doing these little labels as they add a special touch to the quilt.

 Now, just a brief word about the new bandana designs. These will give your pet a sophisticated look for Easter, Mother’s Day or any other formal occasion 🙂 Of course, the models wearing them add additional flair!

 Happy Spring and more to post later!