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3 09 2008
Google Reader Login Page

Google Reader Login Page

Today I would like to encourage you to subscribe to an online reader so that you can easily read the latest posts from all of your blogs. The ChiliQuiltes blog is “RSS” ready, so all you have to do is get that reader and you are on your way to blogging organization deluxe. One reader that you might want to investigate is on the Google site. The address is

For those of you who are not familiar with RSS, here is a brief tutorial (teachers always have to grab those teachable moments, so excuse me as I put on my teacher gimmee cap and work that voodoo that teachers do so well…sometimes). RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a means for websites and blogs to quickly share their content with you, the user. If you have a reader, you can go to your reader, via the web, and, in a hearbeat, check all the latest developments on your favorite blogs and websites.

Sooo….get your reader and become a time-saving junkie…you’ll have more time to quilt or embroider or whatever.