Guest Blogger: Wilma Hurt, Longarm Quilter

7 09 2008
Wilma Hurt's Award Winning Quilt

Wilma Hurt

I have attended many classes, watched many videos, and read many books about longarming, and in each and every one, I learned something.  Sometimes it was months before I had an opportunity to use some of the techniques I had learned, but I believe I have used at least once each technique I have learned.  Recently I had a very large medallion quilt and had not been able to put a quilting design together in my head.  The blocks were Dresden Plate and set in a medallion setting, with plainblocks in between, so there was lots of space for quilting designs.  I knew what to do with the borders (feathers), and I knew what to do with the blocks, but I wanted to do something besides feather wreaths in the plain blocks.  Not knowing what to do, except to start, I did just that.  I did SID, quilted the Dresden Plate blocks and then quilted the entire border.  Then I drew a blank.  I unzipped the quilt and laid it out on the floor and looked at it.  I knew immediately what I wanted to do.  I wanted another freehand feather border inside the first border which would be continuous around the entire quilt.  I marked the spine and then fences around the entire quilt.  Quilted that and then unzipped again and laid it on the floor.  Then I decided to do a feather border on a portion of the center of the quilt.  Unzipped, placed on the floor,and then I decided to do one inch crosshatching in all the spaces that were unquilted.   This was my own quilt, which is probably why I had such a hard time deciding how to quilt it. 

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